with Josh Burns

Nutrition is an often misunderstood area of the fitness world today. Whether you’re eating to lose weight (fat), build up lean muscle mass or fuel your body to improve sports performance and general health, our program will help improve your current nutritional regime and have you feeling great. Without starving yourself and restricting you to a small variety of foods. Through our programs you’ll see an improvement in your cognitive function, body composition and performance in no time.


What you receive in the Personalised Nutrition Programs we create:

1.  Fully Personalised Diet: 3-6 daily meals/snacks

Specific to your goals, lifestyle and age

2. Full Macronutrient breakdown of all meals

3. Shopping List of all ingredients required

4. All meals come with Recipe and Cooking instructions

5. 24/7 E-mail correspondence with Josh Burns for all 4 and 8 week Plans

6. Completely new Nutrition Plan at the 2 week mark

(new Plan at the 2, 4 and 6 week mark for all 8 week programming)

7. Adjustments and revisions as needed to propell you to

your ultimate physique and fitness goals!


(Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, FOD Map, Pescatarian

and many more options are available)

The images below are all extracts from a clients personal programming. To help give you an idea of how in depth your own tailed program can be!

Recipes for all meals listed

Some of these recipes may look a bit complicated, but with the ingredients list and step by step cooking instructions they will not only be easy but hopefully quite an enjoyable process for you. Plus I certainly enjoy eating them all! - Josh

Daily Caloric and Macronutrient Breakdown

Have a full breakdown of your Caloric and Macronutrient intake for every day that you follow the diet. This way you can keep yourself accountable and still factor in social occasions where needed. This will help bring you one step closer to the ultimate goal of intuitively reaching your health and physique objectives.

Weekly Shopping List

Don’t worry how you’ll remember all your ingredients with these amazing new recipes as it’s all compiled for you in one easy to read Shopping List. Then broken down into the sections you will find each item in. I.e. Vegetables, Dairy, Meat, Poultry etc.

Daily Micronutrient Breakdown

This section is great to determine what Micronutrients your current diet is providing for you. This way we can increase (food or supplement) or decrease as needed depending on specific goals or feedback from any bloodwork results you may have received.

Recipe and Snack Options

Easy to follow and tasty to eat! These delicious and healthy dessert/snack options will help ward off any cravings you might have. Even for the sweetest of teeth.

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An together lets start achieving your fitness and health goals! No more excuses, let's work together and get you results. Let's create a structured nutritional protocol to get you looking and feeling your best!


New adaptive nutritional protocols I have been using on clients over the last 5 years have yielded great results. Results on body composition changes, improved cognitive function, energy level increases, improved sleep quality and general increases in a positive mood and mindset. Contact me Today to start your own personal jouney!